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Posts tagged "Beef | Braising"

Braising | The basics

Braising meat meals should be planned well ahead of time, as preparation may take several hours. These cuts are good for a slow cooker and are meant to last you for a couple of meals/dinners. Read more...

Braising | Pot roast

Pot roast is a little different than the other braises. You don’t want to cover the roast completely with liquid. Just 2 inches of liquid in the bottom of an oven safe casserole dish will do. Place the coloured roast on top and make sure that you can cover tightly with aluminum foil, so no moisture escapes. Read more...

Braising | Brisket on a bun

Amazing brisket on a bun. And if you feel like letting your inner fat kid out, try adding some mayo on the bun. It’s not a bad idea. Serve with potato chips or potato salad.

Braising | Short Rib (or chuck flat)

Braising the chuck flats should be done over the slowest, longest braise possible to ensure the meat is juicy. If your meat is looking a little dry, try lowering the heat braising it for a longer period of time. Read more...

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