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There’s a lot of hidden information out there when it comes to meat. We've got nothing to hide. Meatme gives you 100% transparency on how and where the meat is produced. We only work with farmers who have the highest animal welfare standards and don't use any antibiotics, hormones and chemicals. This results in very healthy and top quality meat. We make it easy to eat meat you’ll feel good about.

100% Transparency

Meatme is truly a farm to table operation, giving you direct connection to our network of trusted British Columbia farmers, ranchers and fisherfolk.

Animal Welfare

Meatme upholds the highest standards of animal welfare and wellbeing from birth to market. No feedlots, but pasture. Totally traceable and totally transparent.

Environmental Impact

Our mission is to minimize the environmental impact of meat consumption. From sustainable farm practices through to local delivery, we’re focussed on reducing our collective carnivorous footprint .

Top Quality Delivered

By ordering with Meatme you will get the tastiest, top quality grass fed and finished meat and Oceanwise certified seafood sourced from British Columbia farms that uphold the highest standards, and have it conveniently delivered to your door.

Building a better food system 

"Our goal is to empower farmers who employ ethical and responsible farming practices, and empower consumers by providing a transparent farm to table experience. This way you’ll always know what you’re eating and enjoy it with confidence"

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