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Why grass fed beef?

Although the image of a cow often includes luscious grass blades and acres of farmland, that is not always the case. Most Vancouver grocery stores now carry grain-fed beef: made from cows nourished with distasteful food combinations, such as corn and protein supplements. As one can imagine, these cows experience absurdly rapid growth, allowing the cows to reach market weight and be butchered at a very young age. For most Vancouverites, this concept is unpleasant, adding to the already cloudy moral dilemma surrounding modern food production. There, is however, an obvious and traditional alternative: 100% Grass fed beef.


This cattle utopia has many significant advantages, including serious health benefits. Firstly, grassfed beef is leaner, given that it is lower in overall fat and in saturated fat. However, this meat doesn't skimp out on the good stuff, providing a bounty of omega-3 fats, more commonly known as fatty acids. This nutritional gem is also associated with a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, among many other dietary perks. These advantages are even visible to the human eye, as grass fed beef shows minimal marbling, evidence of little unwanted fat.  

On the contrary, grain fed cows are commonly raised on large feedlots and have ambiguous diets, where they often ingest hormones, drugs and antibiotics to further accelerate growth. So along with unessential fats, grain fed cows contain camouflaged ingredients simply not meant for human or animal consumption. Whereas with grass fed beef, the contents are straightforward, the only ingredient being natural beef. Better yet, grassfed beef, along with all the associated health benefits, is accessible and convenient, with Meatme.

The concept is simple: grass fed beef, delivered directly to any doorstep in the Metro Vancouver Area. Free roaming cows on green fields make for a clean conscience, while the countless health benefits allow for a lifestyle any Vancouver local would be proud of. Meatme works with BC farmers and experienced butchers to produce honest meat, carefully packaged and delivered just in time for dinner.

While there exists an abundance of food fads in Vancouver, grass fed beef is not one to shy away from. Honest meat is the health investment that is only one click away, whether you live in Richmond, Kitsilano or Surrey. Meatme allows for an effortless diet switch, delivering you a piece of meat for peace of mind.