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Pasture Raised Pet Food

Lentelus Farms, BC


Pasture Raised Pet Food

Farm: Lentelus Farms, BC

$5 each

0.454 kg


1 x pack of ground pet food (1lb)

Here at Meatme, we believe that your furry little friends should eat good too! This ground pet food has a blend of our 100% pasture raised chicken bones, livers, necks and hearts for that perfect meal that your pet deserves.

Quick facts

  • Pasture raised, non-GMO
  • Flash frozen
  • Air chilled during processing
  • Access to pasture and grass silage
  • Hormone-free and antibiotics-free


Lentelus Farms | Comox, BC

Besides the high quality of the chicken, we have selected this farm because:

  • They take very good (personal) care of their chicken up to processing 
  • All the animals on the farm are pasture raised and are non-GMO
  • Dave grows his own crops and practices regenerative farming
Read the full story on Lentelus Farms

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