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Chicken Bone Broth

Lentelus Farms, BC


Chicken Bone Broth

Farm: Lentelus Farms, BC

$17 each

0.68 kg


1 x 24oz pack of chicken bone broth
We've partnered with local bone broth producer, Georels to create a delicious and healthy bone broth using pasture raised chicken bones from Lentelus Farms! Boiled for hours using natural ingredients and spices, this broth is perfect by itself or can be used to elevate various soups, gravies and sauces.

Quick facts

  • Pasture raised, non-GMO
  • Flash frozen
  • Good for immune support
  • Excellent source of natural energy
  • Rebuild gut lining


Lentelus Farms | Comox, BC

Besides the high quality of the chicken, we have selected this farm because:

  • They take very good (personal) care of their chicken up to processing 
  • All the animals on the farm are pasture raised and are non-GMO
  • Dave grows his own crops and practices regenerative farming
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