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Empire Valley Range

The drive out to the ranch is long, windy, and rustic. But after eighty five kilometers of gravel road dawns the ranch. The ranch is beautifully situated on majestic Fraser River open native grassland benches and stretches west into the coastal mountains. Although the land is officially owned by BC Parks, John & Joyce have been stewards of this ranch for 18 years to raise their cattle on these lands.

The beautiful backdrop of the Empire Valley Ranch.

"There is a lot of variation for the cows," says Joyce. "In the winter and early spring the cows live in the lower areas - the grasslands. But as summer comes and the temperature climbs the cows migrate to the cooler mountain meadows and the forest." John & Joyce's ranch is immense, land as far as the eyes can see. Flatland and hills, working together to create a lovely BC backdrop for the cows. Additionally, due to the yearly migration it means a varied diet for the cows. From native bunchgrass and flowers in the grasslands, to mountain grasses, shrubs and forbes.

The cows are free to roam wherever they like as there are not many fences on the ranch. This means no small spaces. In fact, no indoors at all. John & Joyce implement low stress cattle management where all handling of the animals is also done in traditional fashion. No motorized vehicles are used just horse and rider. "Historically horses and cows go very well together."

The "natural" lifestyle of the cows means they roam freely 10 months of the year where they can give birth naturally wherever they happen to be. They are not exposed to man-made air or water pollution; they drink from natural ground water or mountain fed streams.

All in all, John, Joyce and the family provide the best possible life-quality to these cows. Because they believe that we should not only eat fine meats, but also give the animal the life that they deserve.

So by buying John & Joyce's meat you can be assured that the animals are well taken care off. This is what we like to call honest meat.