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Pasture-raised turkey available seasonally at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Get a fresh turkey delivered to your door! These entirely pasture-raised turkeys from Rosebank
 Farms are the perfect addition to your holiday meal. In addition to being 100% free from antibiotics, animal byproducts and GMOs, past customers of Rosebank Farms have repeatedly mentioned that the turkeys exceeded their expectations. The meat is flavourful and has an exquisite texture that only comes with meat that has been raised as naturally as possible.

*Important Notes*: 

  • Please place a single order for the Turkey without any add-ons.
  • Turkey deliveries are only available to residents of Greater Vancouver.
  • Anticipated delivery date: Wednesday October 9th 2019
7 Days Left to be included in the Feb 2nd delivery round
Meatme - Custom Box Order Deadline: Thursday midnight
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