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5 benefits to purchasing your meat online

5 benefits to purchasing your meat online

Whether you’re looking to reduce the time you spend in grocery stores during the COVID-19 pandemic or just looking to simplify your meat-buying process, purchasing your meat online is a simple and easy way to have a wide selection of high-quality, ethical meat delivered right to your door. Here are five benefits of purchasing your protein from the comfort of your home

  1. Delivered straight to your door
    Ordering from Meatme is the easiest way to get high quality meat delivered conveniently from the farm to your front door, so you can eliminate the meat aisle on your trips to the grocery store. With Meatme, you can create custom packages or get a different delivery box every week to meet your dietary protein needs. With shipments every Tuesday and Wednesday, you won’t have to wait long for your meat to be delivered conveniently to your door.

  2. Premium selection
    With a direct connection to a network of trusted BC farmers, ranchers and fisherfolk, Meatme is able to curate a much better selection than you’ll find at the grocery store. They ensure that they only work with ethical farmers that provide pasture-raised, grass-finished animals. Stock your fridge and freezer with specially curated selections of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood that you can feel good about.

  3. Better quality and taste
    BC is home to many dedicated, ethical farmers, so why not go directly to these local sources rather than supporting large-scale farms sold at grocery stores? Purchasing ethically raised meat means supporting local farmers while eating noticeably tastier meat. Grass-finished animals that are able to stretch their legs in a free-roam pasture are much happier and healthier than their feedlot counterparts, which makes for better tasting, healthier meat that customers have said is “very different and clean compared to box store meats.” Plus, with products from Meatme being flash frozen, you’re essentially locking in the quality and freshness as soon as it’s butchered, which ends up being fresher than the meats on display in grocery stores

  4. More choice
    Pork ribs? Chicken thighs? Artisanal blue shrimp burgers? Boasting a wide array of various cuts of meat, Meatme is sure to carry whatever you’re looking for. If you’re looking to order your meat as you eat it, build a custom box and get it included in the next round of deliveries. These ship out every Tuesday and Wednesday with free delivery on orders over $185. If you’d rather we decide for you, opt for one of four choices of carefully curated subscription boxes. This option will have a package of meat delivered straight to your door every four, six or eight weeks (Bonus for any Metro Vancouver addresses — free delivery!).

  5. Less time spent at the grocery store
    During the pandemic, any reason to stay isolated and away from crowds is a benefit. Consider buying your meat from home to eliminate this extra reason to stop at the grocery store and have our drivers deliver this so you can check these items off your grocery list from the comfort of your couch. But “be warned you’ll never go back to grocery store meat” says one happy Meatme customer.


These are just a few of the benefits to buying your locally-sourced meat online from BC farms, and it’s never been easier with Meatme. Explore the website for more information on subscribing or building your own box, and feel good about the meat you eat.

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