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5 benefits to supporting local farmers and meat producers

5 benefits to supporting local farmers and meat producers

Local farmers and businesses do a lot of work in stimulating our local economies. With an astounding 98% of farms in BC being family-owned operations, it’s important to support these hardworking and important folks as much as possible. But a quick dive into the implications of buying from BC farmers shows an abundance of positive side effects that include benefits to our local economy as well as to the quality and taste of the products. We’ve come up with five reasons why supporting local meat farmers is a better choice for your wallet, your health, and your planet.

  • It’s better for the animals

Meatme works closely with local farmers, ensuring our practices go beyond satisfying already lenient legal requirements. These local farms guarantee that their animals are free to roam the pasture, enjoy naturally longer lives, and are raised on unprocessed, natural feed. This ensures happy, healthy animals with a quality of life rarely (if ever) found from large-scale producers that sell to major grocery stores. Knowing this also means that many customers “couldn’t be more satisfied to be getting ethical, transparent products from Canadian farms.”

  • It’s better for your body

The ethical treatment of animals doesn’t just create a better life for them; it creates a healthier product for the consumer. Many factory farms fill their feed with fatteners and other artificial products to induce unnaturally high fat content in their meat, which detracts a significant amount from the nutritional content. There’s no antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals used in any of the farms Meatme works with, ensuring that a natural diet leads to a natural product. 

  • It’s better tasting

The higher standard of living that the animals receive on local farms increases their well-being and creates an undeniably superior taste. Since the animals are enjoying their natural diet, this results in a less fatty, more flavourful and nutritious cut of meat. For instance, Meatme only works with farms that raise grass-finished cows, a healthier and more natural method in which the cow feeds on grass throughout its entire life. This means that these cows live approximately 14 months longer than their grain-finished counterparts, and the meat they procure tastes significantly better. As one happy Meatme customer pointed out, “It’s such a pleasant reminder of what REAL meat tastes like. Thank you to your special farmers for returning to wholesome husbandry practices!”

  • It’s better for the economy

Purchasing local meat is crucial for sustaining the farmers and producers in your area, which puts money directly back into your local economy rather than supporting large corporate farms. 

Buying from nearby farms means keeping local farmers in business, which in turn keeps their land locally-owned and out of redevelopers hands.

  • It’s better for the environment

Buying local can also have a significant ecological impact, since the product is not being produced in a large, often heavily mechanized facility. Meatme only works with farms that are pasture-based and where animals eat natural feed without any additives. And because the meat doesn’t have to travel far to get to you, this drastically reduces harmful CO2 emissions for a smaller carbon footprint.

These are just a few of the reasons that Meatme works directly with local farmers and fisheries to ensure that the meat we sell is ethically raised and sourced. We guarantee that every farm we work with allows animals to have a better quality of life than any corporate farm could provide, resulting in a better tasting, higher quality cut of meat every time.

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