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5 unique holiday dinner ideas

5 unique holiday dinner ideas

Shake things up this season!

It’s safe to say that the holidays are going to look very different this year, but that change also comes with big opportunities: to get creative, to come up with new traditions to enjoy, and (most importantly) to experiment in the kitchen.


One of the most iconic things about this season has to be the food. We all have dishes we think of fondly over the holidays, whether it’s a dish your grandmother always makes or a dessert you only enjoy this time of year. However, given the curveballs 2020 has thrown our way, it’s only fitting that we create some new memories -- and all the better if they involve some of our favourite (if not sometimes overlooked) foods.


While a traditional turkey is always welcome on a holiday spread, there are so many other dishes that you can centre your feast around. Here are just a few ideas to inspire you.

  1. Roast chicken. If you have fewer people around your table this year but still want to roast a bird for the holidays, consider a whole chicken instead! It’s foolproof to cook, and you can slather it with your favourite flavours to enhance the meal (garlic herb butter is a go-to for us). To make sure you’ve got the best bird to anchor your celebrations, you can order one via Meatme from Lentelus Farms in the Comox Valley. They’re raised on a diet of non-GMO barley, oats, and peas.

  2. Prime rib roast. Also known as a standing rib roast, this is one of the best cuts of beef around. It’s known for its fantastic marbling, which results in an incredibly flavourful roast, making it worthy of a starring role in your holiday meals. Meatme sources their prime rib from Empire Valley, a small family farm in Churn Creek, BC that raises their cattle with care -- and without any hormones or chemicals. Trevor Bird, chef and owner at Fable Kitchen and Fable Diner, has an amazing recipe you can follow, if you’re looking for inspiration.

  3. Glazed ham. Ok, so a holiday ham has probably graced your table in years past. But have you ever experienced a ham brushed with raspberry chipotle glaze, mango brown sugar glaze, or Coca Cola glaze? A glaze will caramelize on your ham, creating a balance of sweet and savoury that will have your dinner guests drooling. Just in time for the season, Meatme is offering a selection of pork products which you can find here.

  4. Lamb leg roast. This is at the top of our must-cook list for the season. A lamb whole leg roast is an indulgent and decadent meal you can feel good about -- not just because you can purchase it sustainably, but because it’s an outstanding source of many vitamins and minerals. Braise or slow-roast this one for full effect.

  5. Cedar plank salmon. This is a West Coast classic and an unexpected choice for the season, but once you taste these smoky, decadent flavours, it might just become a recurring item on your holiday menu. Pick up a cedar plank, a sustainably-raised Wild Chinook Salmon, and you’re ready to go. You’ll need to soak the plank for at least one hour before it’s ready to go on the grill, which gives you plenty of time to whip up a marinade (or a seasonal cocktail!).


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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