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Lamb no. 906 | Alfalfa Walnut Fed

Giesbrecht Aldergrove, BC


Lamb no. 906 | Alfalfa Walnut Fed

Farm: Giesbrecht Aldergrove, BC

$250 per pack

A unique alfalfa, walnut fed lamb product with a wonderful mild taste. No use of hormones, antibiotics vaccines. One share give you a quarter of this lamb, approx. 13.5 pounds of the best lamb meat you have ever tasted.

Exclusively available via Meatme and some great restaurants in Vancouver like Forage by Chef Chris Whittaker! 

What's in a lamb share?

  • 1 x rib chops
  • 1 x sirloin boneless
  • 2 x loin chops
  • 2 x bone in shoulder
  • 2 x leg of lamb steak
  • 1 x bone in shank
  • 3 x lamb ground

Delivered to your home / office on Wednesday, November 1st (Metro Vancouver) or Thursday, November 2nd (other area's). Free delivery (with Purolator express) on all orders above $185 for the BC Lower Mainland, Southern Vancouver Island and the Okanagan (see all details here). 

Delivery at cost for the other areas and smaller order sizes: you can easily calculate these cost on checkout. For most of Vancouver this is typically a $9 rate. 

  • No vaccines, hormones or chemicals
  • Wonderful mild flavour
  • Feed: Walnuts and alfalfa
  • Vacuum packed + flash frozen
  • Cooking time: varies per cut
  • Footprint: average 120 km from Farm to Table

Besides the high quality of lamb, we have selected this farm because:

  • Their lambs live in spacious barns and on natural pasture
  • Their lambs get fed healthy & locally sources feed
  • The farmer (Brian, see above) values high integrity and loyalty
Read the full story on Giesbrecht Farm

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