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Candied Salmon Nuggets

Organic Ocean


Candied Salmon Nuggets

Farm: Organic Ocean

$23 each

0.227 kg


1 x 8oz pack of Pink Salmon Candied Nuggets

These ready-to-eat candy nuggets, made of wild pink salmon, are hot smoked and taste sweet. The pink salmon is fished by veteran fishermen in the open sea. Through careful management of time, nature, and location of the fishery, only the targeted species is harvested via gill net. They are held on ice for less than two days then processed and frozen once they reach shore preserving freshness. The pink salmon's two-year lifecycle - the shortest of the Pacific salmon - is thought to be a factor in its unique pale flesh colour, mild taste, and excellent texture. OceanWise-recommended.

May contain: Gluten, soy.

Ingredients: Wild pink salmon, brown sugar, salt, natural wood smoke.

Quick facts

  • Oceanwise certified
  • Flash frozen, vacuum packed
  • Hook & line caught off BC's coastline
  • Individually bled and cleaned
  • Sashimi quality


Organic Ocean Seafood | Richmond, BC

Besides the high quality of the fish, we selected Organic Ocean because:

  • They care about sustainability and is a member of 1% for the Planet
  • They work with a community of local seafood producers (traditional, modern and indigenous)

Read the full story on Organic Ocean Seafood

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