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Beef & Chicken Box



Beef & Chicken Box
Beef & Chicken Box Beef & Chicken Box Beef & Chicken Box Beef & Chicken Box Beef & Chicken Box Beef & Chicken Box Beef & Chicken Box Beef & Chicken Box Beef & Chicken Box

Farm: Meatme

$136 each

4.082 kg

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Total weight: approx. 8lb

This subscription gives you a nice balance of red and white meat. Get some of our delicious grass fed and grass finished beef from Empire Valley Ranch and free range chicken from Central Park Farms. The Beef & Chicken Box subscription comes with:
  • The best quality beef & chicken from our local BC ranchers and farmers.
  • FREE shipping within Metro Vancouver.
  • Best value! Save 5% minimum with this subscription. 

*We tweak the contents of this box every month, depending on what is available and what is in season while ensuring that we match the value of the box* 

How It Works

  • Step 1: Select your Meatme subscription box.
  • Step 2: Your Meatme box will be conveniently delivered to your door, with the utmost care and regard for reducing our environmental impact. Enjoy FREE shipping within Metro Vancouver.
  • Step 3: Dig in to delicious, local and ethically-raised meats - and don’t forget to share your cooking creations with us on social media!


Can I add other cuts to my subscription order?
Yes! Add any cuts you like that are online now. For your future boxes: we include a special code in the confirmation email we send you a week before you get your next order. And with that code you can add product to your subscription box at no additional cost.

How often will my subscription be delivered?
You can tailor your subscription to arrive every 4, 6, or 8 weeks. Login to your account, or request an account login to manage your subscription frequency.

What's the commitment?
Our subscription plans can be cancelled at any time.

Going on holiday?
You can easily skip an upcoming order by logging into your account and select the delivery you'd like to skip.

Can I add items to my subscription box?
You sure can! Keep scrolling down this page and you will see a variety of items that you can add to your subscription box.

What are the delivery costs?
All subscription boxes come with free shipping within Metro Vancouver.

Can I swap to a different subscription box?
Absolutely! Simply login to your account, select "swap products" and choose a different Meatme box.

See other frequently asked questions, here.

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