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Rosebank Farms

Steve and Andrea come from strong agricultural backgrounds.  Steve was raised on a small family farm in Langley and went into mushroom farming before he began raising poultry, and Andrea taught horticulture in high school before meeting Steve (while on a tour of one of his mushroom farms with her high-school students in tow!). They moved from Langley to the Okanagan to raise children and chickens in 1994 and have been experimenting with crops and various livestock ever since.

Pasture raised for health and comfort

Their poultry is pasture-raised on over 9 acres of diverse land, ensuring the chickens and turkey have constant access to rich and varied insects and vegetation. The variation in diet that pasture-raising provides means that the poultry develop a natural immunity to illness and disease: Steve and Andrea haven’t had to use antibiotics since their first year of farming.

The large pasture not only ensures an abundant diet, it means the birds have constant ability to move about freely and enjoy comforting natural behaviours.

Healthy turkeys, healthy environment

Raising turkeys on pasture isn’t just good for the turkeys, it’s good for the environment. By fertilizing the soil and reducing the amount of grain produced for feed, Rosebank Farms has a vastly smaller carbon footprint than a typical industrial farm. The natural surroundings provide most of the food the animals need, reducing reliance on fossil fuels to truck in feed.  And because the animals can spread their own manure around, there is no need to use trucks to transport animal waste off the farms.

Make a real difference

Buy Steve and Andrea’s turkey and be part of revolutionizing the meat industry. You are investing in the local economy by supporting small family farmers, who are critically important environmental stewards.

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