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Our team

Our team shares a common passion: we love great & healthy food (and cooking) and we want to make an impact on how we source our products in the most sustainable way.


Victor Straatman | Co-founder

Victor gave up running his web agency in the Netherlands to follow his lifelong dream of living in Vancouver. Upon arriving he wanted to source local meat directly from farmers and found out there was no real convenient way in doing this. Furthermore, he saw farmers doing a great job in raising their cattle in a natural way, but they seem to struggle to get to the market effectively. 

His personal goal is to help people add 'honest meat' in their day to day meals. By connecting to the source of food he believes people will be able to make more sustainable & healthier choices.

Trevor Bird | Co-founder

Trevor Bird (Top Chef Canada, Fable Kitchen + Fable Diner) began his foray into the culinary world as a teenager. Cooking is all he knows and thank goodness for all the eaters amongst us, he knows it extremely well.

As Vancouver's consummate advocate for "Farm to Table" cuisine, Trevor is a natural fit for Meatme. He brings with him a sincere passion for food supply chain transparency, from soil to plate. He is excited to use Meatme as a medium to reach consumers outside the realm of his restaurants and educate them about sustainable, responsible eating.

Look out for delicious recipes developed by Trevor with each order of Meatme - your dinner at home just got a whole lot better!

Jennifer Bear | Community manager

Her desire to source good quality food for her family has lead her to Meatme. She feels passionate about not only feeding her family “honest” meat, but about informing and educating others about what they are eating and where it comes from. She believes strongly in making connections with the local farmers to support the local food system and sustainability.  Jen brings with her the ability to connect the community to these great farms and resources.

Jennifer moved to the extraordinary city of Vancouver over 16 years ago. She has worked in the financial industry with a focus on Sales and Marketing. Her concentration has always been on building relationships, research and customer service. In the past 10 years she has organized a great variety of events and fundraisers in the Vancouver community. 


Chad Brealey | Advisor

Chad is the co-owner of the lifestyle and culinary adventure media outlet Salt, Fresh & Field. Chad is a driven individual who has combined his passion for wilderness with his passion for food. He wants to show people from all over the world how to connect with the sources and stories behind good food. He creates beautiful media that challenge and enlighten.
The reason he is part of the Meatme team is because he believes in the cause: to bringing amazing local products to your counter top. Chad advocates a healthy balance in all aspects of life in order to be able to spend as much time as possible enjoying food and adventure with his family and friends.

To see more of his work check out Salt, Fresh & Field.