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A better way to eat meat

Meatme is on a mission to revolutionize the meat industry. We are creating a platform that conveniently connects you to your food and your farmers. We are…


We are headquartered in Vancouver and our farms are located throughout the Fraser Valley and Okanagan. Ordering our meat supports small family farmers, and strengthens the local economy.


We personally visit each farm to see where and how our animals are raised. If we can’t Instagram it, we won’t sell it! Transparency is key in everything we do, from our farms right to your tables. We take the guesswork out of the food you choose to feed your family, because we only sell fully traceable meat raised by farmers committed to the the highest animal welfare standards.


You can order your meat on your lunch break and have our ethically raised, locally sourced products delivered right to your home and office in just a few days. Our model allows you to buy specific cuts or subscribe to a Meatme box, without the worry of inconsistent delivery cycles.

Healthy for you, healthy for the environment

Our animals are never given hormones or antibiotics, so you don’t get any of those nasty by-products when you enjoy our meat. Choosing locally raised animals that are sold one whole animal at a time means you reduce waste and cut down on the carbon footprint associated with factory farming. Its a win-win.


It’s a pretty bold claim to make, because we know taste is truly subjective! But the holistic way our animals are raised means they lead natural lives and experience minimal stress. Many of our farmers are raising heritage breeds and some are completely unique in all of Canada. We are 100% sure you’ll notice a difference because of our compassionate farming practices.

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