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Wild Chinook Salmon 6oz

Nootka Sound’s fishery, BC

$16 $18

Wild Chinook Salmon 6oz

Farm: Nootka Sound’s fishery, BC

$18 $16 each

0.227 kg


1 x 6oz portion of Wild Chinook Salmon

This sustainably-raised Wild Chinook Salmon has the highest fat content among the five Pacific salmon species! It has a distinct, full-bodied flavour and packed with omega-3 fatty acids.

These fish are purpose frozen which means that they were landed fresh and immediately processed into portions opposed to trying to sell to the fresh market and processing as a last resort. That said they are once frozen. The terminal fishery aspect is huge from the sustainability stand point as it is the only scenario when you truly know what stock you are fishing from and can more efficiently manage abundance.

Quick facts

  • Wild harvest using Purse Seine in Nootka Sound (West Coast Van Island).
  • Single day fishery, landed fresh and immediately processed and blast frozen.
  • Vacuum packed


Besides the high quality of the fish, we selected Nootka Sound’s fishery because: They have been in business for decades and maintain a high quality of service when it comes to sustainable practices.

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