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Wild BC Spot Prawns: Grilled Asian Style & Thai Inspired Curry Recipe

Wild BC Spot Prawns: Grilled Asian Style & Thai Inspired Curry Recipe

The Beauty of Locally Sourced Food (By Cory Walby)

One of my favourite ways to spend the weekends around Vancouver is to head out and find a farmers market, or a local stand and see what the people there have to offer. I’ve always been like this. Something in my mind makes me want to support the Local Farmer or Fisherman. I feel like there are so many reasons for it, but there are a couple that really stand out.

Firstly, I love being able to connect on a personal level with the person growing or raising the products that I am going to use. It honestly makes the dish I am about to make so much more deep, for lack of a better term. I feel like the effort I am putting into my dish, is being multiplied by the effort and love that was put into that ingredient. Learning where it comes from, where it was raised or grown, how it was taken care of. All of that matters when I am choosing what to use when I am cooking for my friends or family.

Another reason I love to find locally sourced products is the freshness of it. It's not traveling hundreds of kilometers to get to a store, to be sold when its not at its peak readiness. Everything local just tastes better, feels fresher, looks better. It didn’t have to travel a long way, and was probably harvested very recently which makes its carbon footprint even smaller! Fresh is best, and locals are going to be able to give you that.

Lastly, that you are supporting local economy when you buy local. These people are our friends and neighbours for a lot of us. More jobs can be created locally if you support locally, keeping money in your community. It’s amazing that we can support them and keep this wonderful circle of life revolving. You are helping feed their families, put a roof over their head. It’s a HUGE deal for that alone!

Local is LIFE! Try to do it every chance you get.

I hope you enjoy these two recipes I created using locally sourced Wild BC Spot Prawns from! 

Grilled Asian Style Spot Prawns

spot prawns - wild - grilled


Roughly 20-30 Wild BC Spot Prawns

1 stalk Lemongrass – Finely Chopped

2” piece of Ginger – Finely Chopped

1 shallot – Fine Chopped

3 tbsp Lime Juice

Zest of a Lime

2 tsp Fish Sauce

2 tsp Soy Sauce

2 Tbsp Brown Sugar

½ tbsp Chili Flakes

3 garlic cloves – Diced



1. Add all ingredients to a glass or ceramic bowl. Mix well. Add your spot prawns to the bowl and mix to cover. Allow to marinate for 15-30 min
2. Heat grill to HIGH. You want this to be crazy hot. These prawns wont take but a minute or two, so get the grill RED HOT!
3. Shake off any excess marinade on the prawns, and set them on the grill! After a minute, flip the prawns and repeat another minute on this side.
4. Remove and garnish with Limes and LOTS of beer!


Spot Prawn Thai Curry

wild bc spot prawns - thai curry


4 tbsp Red Thai Curry Paste

1 can Coconut Milk – Full Fat

1 cup Chicken Stock

1 Head Bok Choy – quartered

1 Yellow Pepper – Finely Diced

3 Garlic Cloves – Finely Diced

1 Shallot – Finely Diced

2” piece of Ginger – Diced

2 lbs – BC WILD SPOT PRAWNS – Head Removed

2 tbsp Fresh Basil – Chopped

2 tbsp Grapeseed Oil

Garnish – Lime, Cilantro, Chili



1. Heat your pan to medium and add the Oil. Heat till shimmering. Add your Shallot and Garlic and fry till fragrant. Add Ginger and Yellow Pepper. Fry till pepper begins to soften a bit and the ginger becomes aromatic.
2. Add your Curry Paste and heat up in the oil and other ingredient for a couple minutes. This will help with the flavours coming together. Now add the Coconut Milk and Chicken Stock. Simmer for 5 min to bring it all together. Stir a couple times to make sure its well incorporated.
3. Add the Spot Prawns. They will only take a couple of minutes. I like to add them to the curry, stir them into it, then pull the pan off the heat completely and let the residual heat do the work. Add your Basil at this time.
4. Serve over rice, and garnish as you wish!


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cory walby

Cory Walby

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