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2019 will bring greater sustainability!

2019 will bring greater sustainability!
We asked our network of British Columbia farmers what their biggest goals and aspirations were for the coming year and we immediately noticed a pattern among their responses. 2019 will be a big year for greater sustainability on the farm! 
Farmer Kendall of Central Park Farms in Langley, is working to create a sustainable oasis for her animals. She says, "A big focus on the farm in 2019 will be working to improve the soil conditions which will improve the pasture for our animals. Prior to starting Central Park Farms in 2015, the land was really neglected so it's been fun to see the improvements we've been able to make. So far, between the use of our pigs on pasture to till the land and adding our chicken manure, we've seen positive development. We're going to test soil samples throughout the farm and then I'm going to determine what areas we can make improvements on and what the best ways are to go about it."

Farmer Brian from Giesbrecht Farm admits that he isn't one for many words, but he's clear on his goals for this year: "In 2019, I'll be focusing on putting out a sustainable product that knocks your socks off!!!" - Sounds good to us!

Farmer Julia of Blue Sky Ranch in Merritt, BC is working to create a sustainable future for small-scale farmers. She says, "My goals are overwhelmingly centred around the work I'm doing with the Small-Scale Meat Producers Association. We had an intense strategic planning session this month and have some pretty clear goals, foremost of which are increasing access to reliable slaughter & processing for small-scale producers and removing other barriers to growth so we can scale our businesses... so Meatme can continue to grow as well!" 

At Meatme, our goals for 2019 mirror our farmers'. We want to provide sustainable meat options to conscious carnivores across British Columbia and continue to expand our reach across the province. In contrast, we know factory farming is environmentally intensive, and we would much rather focus on connecting small-scale, sustainable meat producers with people like you!
Happy New Year, and cheers to a sustainable 2019! 

Devyn Perryman 
Digital Marketing & Communications 

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