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Sablefish Collars

Gindara Sablefish


Sablefish Collars

Farm: Gindara Sablefish

$19 each

0.3 kg


1 x portion Sablefish Collars

This sustainably-caught, Ocean Wise approved Sablefish, also known as Black Cod, is a delicacy with a rich flavour and creamy texture. The collar is known to be dense, fleshy and super fatty - amazing grilled! Caught in the waters of Kyuquot Sound, British Columbia then flash frozen to lock in nutrients and freshness.


Quick facts

  • No antibiotics or pesticide
  • Flash frozen, vacuum packed
  • Certified Ocean Wise


Gindara Sablefish | Kyuquot Sound, BC

Besides the high quality of the fish, we have selected this fishery because:

  • The fish are raised by hand, and they keep their ecological footprint small by avoiding industrial farming.
  • The fish is caught in local waters, which allows them to process the fish within hours of being caught.
  • Gindara Sablefish is a proud partner of Ocean Wise
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