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Wild Pacific Halibut

Haida Wild


Fish - Wild Pacific Halibut

Farm: Haida Wild

$23 each

0.227 kg


1 x portion Wild Pacific Halibut 

This sustainably-caught, Ocean Wise approved Wild Pacific Halibut is a lean, white fish with a firm texture. Caught in the waters of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia then flash frozen to lock in nutrients and freshness.Try this easy halibut tacos recipe

Quick facts

  • Catch method: hook & line
  • Flash frozen, vacuum packed
  • Footprint: Average 1,700 km from fishery to table
  • Certified Ocean Wise


Haida Wild | Haida Gwaii, BC

Besides the high quality of the fish, we have selected this fishery because:

  • They are guided by the traditional philosophy called “Yahguudang” which translates to “respect for all living things and the interdependence that binds us.”
  • The fish is caught in local waters, which allows them to process the fish within hours of being caught.
  • Haida Wild is a proud partner of Ocean Wise
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