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Pasture-raised Turkey

K & M Farms, BC

$113 $135

Turkey - Pasture-raised Turkey

Farm: K & M Farms, BC

$135 $113 each

10.0 kg


1 x whole frozen turkey, weighing approx. 9.5-10.8 kilograms (21-24 lbs.)

These entirely pasture-raised turkeys from K&M Farms are the perfect addition to your holiday meal. You can expect a healthy size turkey, with great flavour and firm texture. Use this recipe from Chef Trevor Bird!

**Special Delivery Notice**: All holiday cuts (plus any additions to your holiday cut order) will be delivered on Wednesday December 19th within Metro Vancouver and on Thursday December 20th for other regions in British Columbia.

Quick facts

  • Completely pasture-raised with space to roam and roost
  • Diet consists of soy-free grains, seeds, grass, plants and any bugs or grubs that they forage
  • Vacuum packed
  • Hormone-free and antibiotic-free
  • Footprint: average 60km Farm to Vancouver


K&M Farms | Abbotsford, BC

Besides the high quality of the turkey, we have selected this farm because:

  • This local, family farm takes great pride and care in raising healthy birds 
  • The turkeys live a natural life, living entirely outdoors with acres to run, roost and forage
  • K&M Farms is transparent in their farming practices and processes 
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