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Whole Chicken

Glassen Farms


Whole Chicken

Farm: Glassen Farms

$36 each

2.495 kg


1 x Whole chicken, weighting approx. 5.5 lbs These premium whole chickens from Glassen Farms are pasture raised with superior care. Learn more about their practices and values below:

The Practice:
Glassen Farms Pastured Poultry is raised in mobile Chicken Tractors that are moved to new grass daily. Each has a footprint of 12'x16'. With a natural flock size of 75 to 100 birds. Each chicken has nearly 2 square feet of space which meets humane, ethical guidelines. The breed Cornish Cross is chosen for consumers to compare apples to apples, with what they would find in the grocery store. Their feed is an Original Blend using non-GMO grain, supplemented with grass, bugs and seeds from the field.

Diversified Livestock Operation:
Glassen Farm is growing. We started in backyards in Port Moody in 2018, as Ben wanted to gain pasture management experience however possible. Beginning with borrowing neighbour's urban backyards, quail were raised for eggs and meat. Pastured Chickens were the next step. Each year Glassen Farms produces 5 small batches of 300-500 roasting chickens. Forest raised pigs prepare new ground for other species. Glassen Farms will produce lamb and beef using carbon sequestering Management Intensive Grazing.  

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