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Pork Loin Roast | Giesbrecht Farm

Giesbrecht Aldergrove, BC


Pork - Pork Loin Roast | Giesbrecht Farm

Farm: Giesbrecht Aldergrove, BC

$48 each

1.3 kg


1x pork loin roast, approx. 1.3 kilograms (3.0 lbs.)

This easy to cook yet stunning piece of meat from Giesbrecht Farm is subtle in flavour and an excellent choice for feeding up to 10 people. It’s uniformity in size makes for even cooking, and is perfectly paired with things like onions, rosemary and green apples.

**Special Delivery Notice**:
All holiday cuts (plus any additions to your holiday cut order) will be delivered on Wednesday December 19th within Metro Vancouver and on Thursday December 20th for other regions in British Columbia.


Quick facts

  • Free-range Berkshire, a heritage breed
  • No antibiotics or hormones used
  • Feed: nuts, overflow produce, local hay and alfalfa
  • Vacuum packed + frozen
  • Footprint: average 120 km from Farm to Vancouver


Giesbrecht Farm | Aldergrove, BC

Giesbrecht Nut Fed Pork Berkshire Aldergrove

Besides the high quality of pork, we have selected this farm because:

  • Their Hogs live in spacious barns and on natural pasture
  • Their Hogs get fed healthy & locally sources feed
  • The farmer (Brian, see above) values high integrity and loyalty
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