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Pork Bones

Blue Sky Ranch, BC


Pork - Pork Bones

Farm: Blue Sky Ranch, BC

$9 each

0.6 kg


1 x bag with pork bones

Pork bones are used to make stock / broth for soups. These bones are from a healthy raised heritage hog are guaranteed the cleanest and best you can get on the market.

    Quick facts

    • Free-range, mixed heritage breed
    • No antibiotics or hormones used
    • Feed: GMO-free barley, peas and lentils, fruits and vegetables and local alfalfa hay.
    • Vacuum packed + flash frozen
    • Cooking time: 4 hours


    Blue Sky Ranch | Meritt, BC

    blue sky ranch 

    Besides the high quality of pork, we have selected this farm because:

    • Their hogs are completely pasture and woodland raised
    • Their hogs get fed healthy & locally sourced feed
    • Farmers Julia and Ludo are dedicated to the well-being of their animals and committed to lowering their environmental footprint
    Read the full story on Blue Sky Ranch

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