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Jowl Bacon

Giesbrecht Aldergrove, BC


jowl bacon - giesbrecht

Farm: Giesbrecht Aldergrove, BC

$18 each

0.4 kg


1 x pack of Jowl Bacon (approx. 300-500g pack)

There is nothing like this nut-fed Berkshire jowl bacon. Hog Jowl Bacon comes from smoked and cured cheeks of the pig. It is similar to regular bacon but has a silky smooth texture and amazing flavour! 

    Quick facts

    • Free-range Berkshire, a heritage breed
    • Ingredients: pork, salt, sodium nitrite, dextrose, brown sugar, ham spice, fumaro (natural smoke flavour).
    • No antibiotics or hormones used
    • Feed: nuts, overflow produce, local hay and alfalfa
    • Vacuum packed + flash frozen
    • Cooking time: 15 minutes


    Giesbrecht Farm | Aldergrove, BC


    Besides the high quality of pork, we have selected this farm because:

    • Their Hogs live in spacious barns and on natural pasture
    • Their Hogs get fed healthy & locally sourced feed
    • The farmer (Brian, see above) values integrity and loyalty

    Read the full story on Giesbrecht Farm

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