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Hot Pepperoni

Giesbrecht Aldergrove, BC


Hot Pepperoni from Giesbrecht Aldergrove, BC - Meatme Vancouver Delivery

Farm: Giesbrecht Aldergrove, BC

$16 each

0.4 kg

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1 x pack of 10 hot pepperoni, approx. 400 grams in total (0.88 lb)

These spicy pork pepperoni are ready for pizzas and charcuterie boards! These pepperoni sticks pack some heat, and are not only antibiotic & hormone free, they also have no added fillers, making sure you’re getting the best quality possible.
    • Free-range Berkshire, a heritage breed
    • Ingredients: pork, dextrose, corn syrup solids, yeast extract, sodium ascorbate, salt, spice extracts, sunflower oil, tricalcium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, curing salt, chipotle powder, cayenne powder, Ancho chili powder, red chili flakes, Mexican chili powder. 
    • No antibiotics or hormones used
    • Feed: nuts, overflow produce, local hay and alfalfa
    • Vacuum packed + flash frozen

    Giesbrecht Farm | Aldergrove, BC

    Giesbrecht Nut Fed Pork Berkshire Aldergrove

    Besides the high quality of pork, we have selected this farm because:

    • Their Hogs live in spacious barns and on natural pasture
    • Their Hogs get fed healthy & locally sources feed
    • The farmer (Brian, see above) values high integrity and loyalty
    Read the full story on Giesbrecht Farm