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Lamb Share

Harmony Farm Lamb, BC

$220 $250

Lamb Share Vancouver Harmony Farm Lamb, BC
Lamb Share Vancouver Harmony Farm Lamb, BC Lamb bone in shank Vancouver Lamb chops Vancouver Lamb Ground Vancouver Lamb Leg Roast Vancouver Lamb Loin Chops Vancouver Lamb Shoulder Roast Vancouver Lamb Stew Vancouver

Farm: Harmony Farm Lamb, BC

$250 $220 each

5.44 kg


4 x rib chops (approx. 500 grams total)
2 x loin chops (approx. 620 grams total)
1 x shoulder roast (approx. 850 grams total)
1 x bone in leg roast (approx. 1800 grams total)
1 x bone in shank (approx. 380 grams total)
1 x lamb neck/stew (approx. 480 grams total)
1 x lamb ground (approx. 550 grams total)

One share is a quarter of the animal, approximately 12 pounds of the most delicious, delicately flavoured lamb available in Canada.

Recommended by Top Chef Canada winner Matt Stowe 

"The distinctly mild flavour of the Harmony Farm Hair Bred lamb makes this dish meltingly delicious. It comes together quickly and then simmers for a couple of hours, so just perfect for cooler days and lazy nights." 

Matthew Stowe serves as Director of Culinary Operations with the Joseph Richards Group


  • Hair bred sheep for high quality meat 
  • Unique mild flavour
  • No vaccines, hormones or chemicals used
  • Humane processing
  • Flash frozen + butcher paper wrapped


Harmony Farm | Monte Lake BC

Within minutes of meeting Gerry and Patricia Porter, the proud owners and operators of Harmony Farm Lamb, the Meatme team knew a relationship needed to be cultivated. While touring the 35 beautiful acres of farmland and additional seasonal leased pasture lands, it’s evident that the Porter’s sincerely adore their animals. >> more on the farm

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