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Lamb Ribs

Harmony Farm Lamb, BC


Lamb - Lamb Ribs

Farm: Harmony Farm Lamb, BC

$19 each

0.45 kg


1 x 1 lb. rack of Harmony Farm Lamb Ribs, approx. 450 grams in total (1.0 lb.)
These lamb ribs from Harmony Farm are premium, gourmet quality BC lamb, with absolutely no use of chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics.

Quick facts

  • Hair bred sheep for high quality meat
  • Unique mild flavour
  • No vaccines, hormones or chemicals used
  • Humane processing
  • Flash frozen + butcher paper wrapped


Harmony Farm | Monte Lake, BC

Besides the high quality of lamb, we have selected this farm because:

  • They raise the only lamb in Canada that is bred exclusively for meat, giving exceptional flavour.
  • Harmony Farm lambs are chemical, hormone, and antibiotic free, from start to finish
  • Farmers Patricia and Gerry make sure their lambs live calm, stress-free lives.
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