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Lamb Bratwurst

Harmony Farm Lamb, BC


Lamb - Lamb Bratwurst

Farm: Harmony Farm Lamb, BC

$18 each

0.45 kg


1 x 6 pack of Lamb Bratwurst, approx. 544 grams in total (1.2 lb.)
These pure lamb bratwurst from Harmony Farm come in a pack of six, and are absolute perfection on the grill. Unlike other sausages you may be used to, these are 100% pure with a touch of pepper; absolutely no fillers, additives or preservatives are used. 

    Quick facts

    • Hair bred sheep for high quality meat
    • Unique mild flavour
    • No vaccines, hormones or chemicals used
    • Humane processing
    • Flash frozen + butcher paper wrapped
    • Ingredients: lamb and black pepper 


    Harmony Farm | Monte Lake, BC

    Besides the high quality of lamb, we have selected this farm because:

    • They raise the only lamb in Canada that is bred exclusively for meat, giving exceptional flavour.
    • Harmony Farm lambs are chemical, hormone, and antibiotic free, from start to finish
    • Farmers Patricia and Gerry make sure their lambs live calm, stress-free lives.
    Read the full story on Harmony Farm

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