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Beef Liver package (1200 grams)

Empire Valley Range, BC


Beef Liver package (1200 grams)

Farm: Empire Valley Range, BC

$12.00 per share

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A quarter liver is approximately 1200 grams. It will be cut in to nice liver steaks by our home butcher.

Beef liver offers significant amounts of protein, essential amino acids, vitamins (A, D, E, K, B12) and minerals ( such as copper and iron). A 68-gram slice of liver contains only 6 percent of the daily values of fat and saturated fat, 2 percent of the DV of sodium and 1 percent of the DV of carbohydrates.

Remember that it is essential to eat meat and organ meats from animals that have been raised on fresh pasture without hormones, antibiotics or commercial feed. Pasture-raised animal products are much higher in nutrients than animal products that come from commercial feedlots.

A popular objection to eating liver is the belief that the liver is a storage organ for toxins in the body. While it is true that one of the liver’s role is to neutralize toxins, it does not store these toxins; they accumulate in fatty tissues and nervous systems.

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