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Fresh Whole Turkey (XL)

K & M Farms, BC


Turkey - Fresh Whole Turkey (XL)

Farm: K & M Farms, BC

$136 each

9.979 kg


1 x whole fresh turkey, weighting approx. 22 lbs Get a fresh turkey delivered to your door! These entirely pasture-raised turkeys from K&M Farms are the perfect addition to your holiday meal. The turkeys spend their entire lives outdoors with 2 acres to roam, roost and forage for natural sources of food. You can expect a healthy size turkey, with great flavour and firm texture.  Cook a perfect turkey, with Chef Trevor Bird's recipe!

Important Delivery Notice: Turkey deliveries are only available to residents of Metro Vancouver. Turkeys (and any add-ons to your turkey order) will be delivered on Friday October 5th.

    Quick facts

    • Completely pasture-raised with space to roam and roost
    • Diet consists of soy-free grains, seeds, grass, plants and any bugs or grubs that they forage
    • Vacuum packed
    • Hormone-free and antibiotic-free
    • Footprint: average 60km Farm to Vancouver


    K&M Farms | Abbotsford, BC

    Besides the high quality of the turkey, we have selected this farm because:

    • This local, family farm takes great pride and care in raising healthy birds 
    • The turkeys live a natural life, living entirely outdoors with acres to run, roost and forage
    • K&M Farms is transparent in their farming practices and processes 
    Read the full story on K&M Farms

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