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Wild Coho Salmon 6oz

Nootka Sound’s fishery

$14 $17

Fish - Wild Coho Salmon

Farm: Nootka Sound’s fishery

$17 $14 each

0.17 kg


1 x 6oz portion of Coho Salmon

This sustainably-caught Coho Salmon has a fine texture and vibrant reddish-orange colour. It is recognized as one of the best tasting salmon. 

Wild Harvest on the North Coast of British Columbia. Caught with a single barbless hook and line – Troll Caught. Immediately bled and cleaned and blast frozen at sea for premium quality flesh.

Quick facts

  • Product of BC
  • Flash frozen, vacuum packed
  • Caught with a single barbless hook and line
  • Ocean Wise


Besides the high quality of the fish, we selected Nootka Sound’s fishery because: They have been in business for decades and maintain a high quality of service when it comes to sustainable practices.

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