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Blue Sky Ranch, BC


Pork - Bacon

Farm: Blue Sky Ranch, BC

$14 each

0.35 kg


1 x pack of Bacon (approx. 1lb pack)

Taste the difference! There's nothing quite like it. Cured and smoked by our butcher partner Lepp in Abbotsford, it arrives nicely vacuum packed for you. This bacon has a healthy, traditional layer of fat. 

    Quick facts

    • Free-range, mixed heritage breed
    • No antibiotics or hormones used
    • Ingredients: pork, salt, sodium nitrite, dextrose, brown sugar, ham spice, fumaro (natural smoke flavour)
    • Feed: GMO-free barley, peas and lentils, fruits and vegetables and local alfalfa hay
    • Vacuum packed + flash frozen
    • Cooking time: 15 minutes


    Blue Sky Ranch | Merritt, BC


    Besides the high quality of pork, we have selected this farm because:

    • Their hogs are completely pasture and woodland raised 
    • Their hogs get fed healthy & locally sourced feed
    • Farmers Julia and Ludo are dedicated to the well-being of their animals and committed to lowering their environmental footprint
    Read the full story on Blue Sky Ranch

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