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What's in a chicken share?

Free range, non-GMO chicken you can feel good about. One share gives you 9-10 pounds of very tasty and honest chicken meat.
What's in a chicken share?
1 x  whole chicken | approx. 4-5 lb
4  x chicken breast in 2 packs | approx. 2 lb and 4 oz
4 x drumsticks | approx. 1 lb
4 x thighs in 2 packs | approx. 2 lb
    Quick facts
    • Free-range, non-GMO
    • Hormone-free and antibiotics-free
    • Air chilled during processing
    • Pasture access to peck and roost daily
    • Secure indoor housing
    • Footprint: average 90 km farm to door

    Packaging & freezer space

    The chicken is flash frozen and professionally packaged at a Provincially Inspected facility. The 9-10 lbs chicken share doesn't take much freezer space, you can spread out the packs over your available freezer space!

    Get your share

    Go to the our home page and click on the chicken to order your share today!

    Get involved

    We like to connect and converse over honest meat. Connecting local farmers to the Metro Vancouver community is what we do, and do well! (now that’s a well done, steak pun!) Join the conversation by subscribing below. Any q’s? Connect with us on social media.