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What is in a pork share?

Our pork is free-range on natural pasture, hormone and antibiotics-free. One animal will be divided over 10 shares and packaged into equal boxes of approximately 11-12 lbs each.

Pork share ($169) - approx. 4700 grams (10.4 lb)

2 x pork chops | approx. 750 gram in total
2 - 3 x Schnitzel  | approx. 700 gram in total
2 x butt steak |  approx. 800 gram in total
2 x bacon | approx. 750 gram total of cured and smoked bacon
3 x packs of 4 pork sausages |  approx. 1200 gram total (gluten-free)
1 x pork ground | 500 gram each


Depending on availability, you can add the cuts below to your shares: once you add the share to your cart, these options will pop-up and you can select the quantities.

tenderloin ($20) | the whole tenderloin
1/2 head ($15) | ideal for slow roast or head cheese
trotters ($10) | all four trotters

Packaging & freezer space

All meat is vacuumed sealed to ensure the utmost quality. We professionally freeze the pork directly after it is cut. The 12 lbs pork share doesn't take much freezer space. All cuts are wrapped separately, which allows you to spread them out over your available freezer space!

Get your share

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