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Meatme connects you to a (constantly growing) network of local farmers, who raise their animals on natural pasture in a very honest and humane way. We select our farms on living space, natural (and GMO free) feed, high animal welfare and the absence of use of antibiotics/chemicals/hormones.


Empire Valley Range | Beef

The majestic, open grasslands resting along the Fraser River and the coastal mountains are home to the happy cows. Although the land is a provincial protected area in BC, farm stewards John & Joyce have been the taking care of the land and the animals since 1998. Black and Red Angus roam these pastures and each of them is raised in this natural habitat and lifestyle.

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Giesbrecht Aldergrove | Pork

The Giesbrecht Farm is a large wonderful pasture located in Aldergrove BC, where 70 pigs eat and wonder freely around the land. Brian, the owner and farmer, cares deeply about his work and puts a lot of effort into it. He organizes the farm and nurtures the animals like they are his own family. The various breeds of hogs that live with him include Duroc, Tamworth and Berkshire.

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Central Park Farms | Chicken

Central Park Farms is a family own, farm-to-table poultry and hog farm situated in South Langley. They provide humanely raised, non-medicated, poultry and pork to families throughout the Fraser Valley. Their goal is to help communities make the ethical and sustainable food choices at a fair price.The animals have unlimited access to fresh water, food, and have lots of room to ramble. 

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Harmony Farm | Lamb

Within minutes of meeting Gerry and Patricia Porter, the proud owners and operators of Harmony Farm Lamb, the Meatme team knew a relationship needed to be cultivated. While touring the 35 beautiful acres of farmland and additional seasonal leased pasture lands, it’s evident that the Porter’s sincerely adore their animals.

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Who should we add to this list?

We want to connect you to many small scale honest farmers. So if you know anyone we should talk to or you are a farmer yourself, please submit the farm!