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Meatme connects you to a carefully selected network of local family farmers, who raise their animals on natural pasture in a very honest and humane way. All our farms and ranches have large open spaces, use natural feed, and never use antibiotics, chemicals, or hormones.


Empire Valley Ranch | Beef

The majestic, open grasslands resting along the Fraser River and the coastal mountains are a beautiful home for these happy cows. Ranchers John & Joyce Holmes have been the taking care of this provincially protected land and the animals on it since 1998. Black and Red Angus roam freely all year round in this peaceful, stress-free setting.

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Giesbrecht Aldergrove | Pork & Lamb

The Giesbrecht Farm in Aldergrove BC sits on a large pasture, and is home to Brian, his family, and about 50 heritage breed Duroc, Berkshire and Tamwood hogs. Brian jokes that there isn't anything very photogenic about raising pigs but he loves the bustle and mess of hog-raising and is happiest when he is out feeding his pigs on the pasture and watching them flourish. 

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Central Park Farms | Chicken

Central Park Farms is a family owned, farm-to-table poultry, hog, and beef farm situated in South Langley. Kendall and her family are helping other families make the ethical,  sustainable food choices at affordable prices. Her animals have unlimited access to open pasture, fresh water, and natural  food, with plenty of room to ramble. 

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Harmony Farm | Lamb

Gerry and Patricia Porter are the proud owners and operators of Harmony Farm Lamb. They raise the only lamb in Canada that is bred exclusively for meat, which means the lambs are smaller-boned and more delicately flavoured. Gerry and Patricia are deeply connected to their animals, taking time to imprint each one at birth. This time consuming practice ensures their animals are able to live truly "in harmony" with their surroundings.

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K&M Farms | Turkey

K&M Farms is a family-run poultry farm in Abbotsford, British Columbia, owned and operated by Mark and Kathy Robbins and their daughter Jill. They’ve been farming for 30 years, and running K&M Farms for nearly two decades. Since K&M Farms is dedicated to letting their birds live in their natural habitat, the birds live entirely outside in the fields. 

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Blue Sky Ranch | Pork

Julia Smith and Ludo Ferrari are living their dreams on a 21 acre off-the-grid farm in Merritt, BC. They have created the perfect pig oasis on their farm, where the animals are completely pasture and woodland raised. Julia and Ludo are not only deeply committed to the well-being of their hogs, but also lowering their environmental footprint.

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Haida Wild

Haida Wild | Fish

Rooted in the Haida Gwaii culture, Haida Wild is a seafood company owned and operated by the Haida Nation. The Haida have harvested from these waters since time immemorial and Haida Wild carries on that tradition of sustainably caught and prepared seafood.

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We want to connect you to many small scale farmers. So if you know anyone we should talk to or you are a farmer yourself, please submit the farm!

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