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K&M Farms

K&M Farms is a family-run poultry farm in Abbotsford, British Columbia, owned and operated by Mark and Kathy Robbins and their daughter Jill. They’ve been farming for 30 years, and running K&M Farms for nearly two decades. 

Natural is best

Since K&M Farms is dedicated to letting their birds live in their natural habitat, the birds live entirely outside in the fields. This means they can scratch for grub, soak up the sunshine, dust themselves and run freely. In flocks of up to 350, the turkeys have complete access to the outside, and a shelter space if they choose to roost under if it’s raining or too hot. Turkeys love to run, especially in the morning and evening - Mark thinks all this running around adds to the flavour of the meat!

Being omnivores, they eat bugs and grubs as well as seeds, grass and plants. They are otherwise fed a grain feed meant for poultry. Keeping the birds outdoors does come with a few challenges, namely common predators like coyotes. Don’t worry, Mark and Kathy have hired guard llamas, Shadow and Snow White, who keep the predators away and help keep the birds stress-free.

Don’t be surprised by big birds

K&M Farms raise big birds. Living outside their entire lives gives the birds a chance to develop, and Mark and Kathy consciously raise their birds to maturity. The average turkey hen weighs 20-24 pounds and the toms up to 30 pounds! Those are big birds!

Meatme is delighted to offer these pasture-raised turkeys at Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Keep your eyes out for our biannual turkey sales; trust us these are the perfect addition to your holiday dinners!