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Harmony Farm Lamb

Within minutes of meeting Gerry and Patricia Porter, the proud owners and operators of Harmony Farm Lamb, the Meatme team knew a relationship needed to be cultivated. While touring the 35 beautiful acres of farmland and additional seasonal leased pasture lands, it’s evident that the Porter’s sincerely adore their animals.

The Porter’s proudly produce a unique breed of 'hair' sheep that are bred specifically for gourmet, quality meat, rather than wool. One of the many advantages of this type of sheep, are their prolific ability to produce all year round. Currently the Porters eagerly spread their love to more than 600 lambs each year. With this amount of care and conscience, the Harmony Farm Lamb continues to grow exponentially, tripling in size annually! With the addition of their new 90 x 130 “Dream” barn (more on this below), the Porter's goal is to raise 1000-1200 lambs per year by 2018.

This continued growth does not jeopardize their care, and it’s very important to the Porter’s that they “imprint” all their lambs at birth. Through this process, their lambs create a strong bond with humans. This connection ensures that each lamb grows up in a calm, safe and harmonious environment, where they are comfortable and happy to receive personal care from the Porter’s. Imprinting greatly reduces the amount of physical labour for Gerry and Patricia, as there is no need for mechanical sorting equipment, nor do their sheep ever require any rough handling. The sheep actually fuss and argue about who’s going to get their hooves trimmed first! When expectant ewes are close to lambing they actually seek out the Porter’s for help, rather than scatter in fear, terrified of interference. Needless to say, they truly trust in Gerry and Patricia.

The Porter’s daily interaction with their sheep ensure that they live without fear, and as a result they do not produce adrenaline. Living in harmony maximizes their metabolism and overall health. Additionally, the Porter’s peaceful approach to handling prey animals creates truly happy lambs, which translates into incredibly tender, gourmet, quality happy meat. You will truly taste the difference.

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