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Haida Wild

Haida Gwaii is home to some of British Columbia’s most pristine and isolated surroundings. Rooted in the Haida Gwaii culture, Haida Wild is a seafood company owned and operated by the Haida Nation. The Haida have harvested from these waters since time immemorial and Haida Wild carries on that tradition of sustainably caught and prepared seafood.

Haida Wild

Respect Always Comes First

A simple concept guides Haida Wild’s business, and that is respect. In the traditional sense, this is also known as “Yahguudang” which translates to “respect for all living things and the interdependence that binds us.” Haida Wild's product comes from quota owned by the Haida Nation, and they process the seafood in their Masset plant. All of the fishers are experienced harvesters who have traversed the waters of Haida Gwaii for decades, and catch and prepare seafood to exacting specifications. 

Haida Wild

Natural Is Best 

Providing stand-out fish like Wild Pacific Halibut and Coho Salmon, Haida Wild lets the natural product speak for itself. The fish is caught in local waters, which allows them to process the fish within hours of being caught. This guarantees second-to-none colour, texture and flavour. Haida Wild promises healthy, fresh, wild and sustainable seafood.

Haida Wild

Preserving the Ocean For Future Generations

Haida Wild is a proud Ocean Wise partner, a conservation program launched by the Vancouver Aquarium. This means they are dedicated to educating and empowering consumers to learn about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood.

Haida Wild

Preparing Gourmet Meals or Casual Family Dinners

Everything will taste better using premium, sustainably caught fish from the pristine waters of Haida Gwaii. Order your wild salmon fillet or halibut from Haida Wild today.