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Central Park Farms

Central Park Farms is a family own, farm-to-table poultry and hog farm situated in South Langley. They provide humanely raised, non-medicated, poultry and pork to families throughout the Fraser Valley. Their goal is to help communities make the ethical and sustainable food choices at a fair price.

There are absolutely no cages on the 40 acre farm, and the animals have unlimited access to fresh water, food, and have lots of room to ramble. Moreover, the chickens live in a secured indoor housing with pasture access, and is fed with purely non-GMO seeds.

Furthermore, Kendall and Jay puts a lot of effort into the bird’s housing to make sure that they will grow up in a great living environment. Unlike many commercial farms that avoid the chickens to sleep forcing them to grow faster, Central Park utilizes natural sunlight in their barns. This way the animals can rest comfortably at night, as it also reduces the power usage of the barn. For the ventilation of the house, the farmers extended the air-out period between rounds of chickens to avoid strong chemical disinfectants.

Central Park Farms believes in humane and sustainable animal husbandry and is definitely the place to go for high-quality poultry.