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Blue Sky Ranch

Julia Smith and Ludo Ferrari are living their dreams on a 21 acre off-the-grid farm in Merritt, BC. They first tried farming almost a decade ago on a quarter-acre right in the heart of Vancouver. They realized they were hooked and after farming on small plots in Richmond and Burnaby they made the move to the Nicola Valley. They love being able to spread out with their mixed heritage breed hogs under the bright blue sky in the interior of BC.

Julia and Ludo Blue Sky Ranch

These little piggies

Julia and Ludo have created a perfect pig oasis on their farm to ensure they take the best care of their animals’ physiological and psychological needs. The animals are completely pasture and woodland raised except for when the sows give birth. Then, they spend a short time in a large, comfortable stall in the barn to keep the piglet safe from weather and predators. The pigs are fed a varied diet made up of GMO-free barley, peas and lentils, fruits and vegetables and local alfalfa hay. The young, growing pigs also enjoy an extra protein boost of milk from the farm's Jersey cow and hard-boiled eggs.

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Transforming the land

Being off-grid can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it for Julia and Ludo. They are nestled in the Coquihalla foothills with access to beautiful well-water and are primarily solar powered (thanks to all those blue skies). They are deeply committed to lowering their environmental footprint, so it’s no surprise they get the pigs in on the action! In just two years, using careful rotational grazing methods, the pigs have cleared most of the bushy fire hazard and are helping to turn huge swatches of their 21 acres into a vibrant dry land pasture. By moving the pigs all around the property they are transforming their land into a carbon-sequestering haven.

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Responsibly raised meat just tastes better

You’ll be amazed by the rich, buttery flavour of this pork and will feel good knowing that Julia and Ludo abide by the highest of ethical standards when it comes to their animals.  

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