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Ground Beef

8 Acres Ranch


Ground Beef

Farm: 8 Acres Ranch

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1 pack of ground beef, ~ 500g 

Our best selling Premium ground beef by individual pack. This ground is truly unique because of the dry-aging process which all our beef has gone though. Ground like you have never tasted before and without any additives. Perfect for your best tasting meatballs, pasta Bolognese sauce, taco dish or home made burgers patties.

    Quick facts

    • 100% Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished
    • 100% Pasture Raised
    • Vacuum packed + flash frozen
    • No antibiotics & pesticides used


    8 Acres Ranch | Saskatchewan 

    Besides the high quality of beef, we have selected this farm because:

    • Their Heifers live in the wild on natural pasture all year round
    • The farmers live and breathe regenerative agriculture
    • Ethically raised & no pesticides used
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